Saturday, March 22, 2008

Wolf Blitzer to Guest-Host Wheel of Fortune

Atlanta, GA - March 22nd - Sources at ABC say that CNN's Wolf Blitzer will appear as a guest-host on the long-running gameshow Wheel of Fortune sometime next month.

The cable television news personality will host 3 episodes that will air during the 3rd week of April, according to an ABC spokesperson, who also added that Mr. Blitzer was extraordinarily enthusiastic about the appearance.

During a day off last week, according to a statement coerced out of Lou Dobbs, Blitzer traveled to the Wheel of Fortune studio to rehearse, which included learning how to spin the wheel, talk to contestants, and practice proper etiquette in the presence of Vanna White.

"I just hope he remembers to let go as the wheel starts to spin," Larry King said in an unrelated statement.