Tuesday, April 15, 2008

American Idol Contestants Start Brawl on Live Broadcast

Los Angeles, CA - April 15th - The remaining 7 contestants on American Idol spontaneously began fighting each other on the set Tuesday night as the broadcast drew to a close, according to sources at Fox.

The incident started when Ryan Seacrest told everyone they did a great job singing the songs of Mariah Carey, to which Kristy Lee Cook replied, "Mine was the best." Syesha Mercado then said, "No, mine was," playfully but Cook looked at her angrily. "No, everybody knows mine was," David Archuletta interjected. "No," Christy said as she pushed him. Carly Smithson then threw her arms up in the air, Brook White standing in between, and said, "Don't push him!" Christy then hit Carly, who stood there in shock, while Archulette kicked Christy. Meanwhile, Jason Castro stumbled over and grabbed Christy's behind, to which she promptly responded by putting him in a headlock. All of them then subsequently disappeared in a cloud of dust.

First to appear out of the cloud of dust was Brook White. Though looking a little frazzled, she quickly waved it off and proceeded to walk off stage.

Nobody was seriously hurt, said Ryan Seacrest in an unrelated interview, and producers told the press that no serious damaged was incurred to the set of the popular television show.

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